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Innovative Arms Slingshot


The Slingshot’s monocore design allows for simple maintenance and shoots accurately either dry or wet. The principal stainless steel core setup and durable tube material choices allow both suppressors to be .22LR full-auto rated, with the ability to handle .17HMR, .17 Mach II, .22 Mag, and 5.7×28 rounds. At a length of 4.5” and a weight of 6.3 ounces (Ti: 5.2 ounces), neither unit will be cumbersome on the end of your chosen firearm. Regardless of which version is preferred, the Slingshot and Slingshot-Ti silencers are front-line Innovative Arms products that should be utilized by a myriad of shooters.

Rapid Fire

  • Full-auto rated (.22LR only)
  • Sound reduction: 38–41 dB
  • All-stainless steel (Slingshot) and stainless steel/titanium (Slingshot-Ti) units available (price increase for Ti option)
  • Easy to dissemble/clean

Options are always a good thing to have when shopping for the perfect rimfire suppressor, so why not offer the same impressive silencer in two varieties? Well, that’s exactly what Innovative Arms has done with the Slingshot and Slingshot-Ti cans. (And we love them for it!) Designed for versatility on .22 caliber rifles and pistols, both units sport a stainless steel monocore, with the major difference between the two being the tube’s build material (Ti features titanium). However, each can showcases a hard-coat anodized aluminum endcap. Rest-assured, both suppressors are durable and rugged, regardless of how many rounds are fired per session.

Our friends in South Carolina designed these related suppressors with versatility in mind. Considering the overall performance and adaptability of both is top-notch, adding either model to your growing silencer arsenal will make you the envy of your gun range.


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